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 Introduction to Terranism

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PostSubject: Introduction to Terranism   Introduction to Terranism EmptyThu Oct 11, 2018 3:38 pm

Introduction to Terranism 8jGiJ9Z

Introduction to Terranism X8w6g9Z

(Links will be added later)

Terranism is a religion. A religion is defined as simply a system of beliefs. A religion need not even be Theistic. Terranism is Deistic, and it has a God with a name. Terranism has everything. It has a God, a chosen race, aliens, dolphins, even a special language.

Introduction to Terranism XkSW6k3

Terranism isn't just a religion, it's also a race. Terranists are all White, formerly known as Caucasian/Caucasoid, formerly known as Aryan (A term that started out meaning 'White' and has progressively changed to include everyone else while replacing and excluding the original White race, progressively re-writing the White race out of history). The White race is the master race. Animals separated from humans many millions of years ago, and they also have white skin. So clearly, White people did not come from Black people. Black people came from White people, the White master race. When humans lost their hair, they had white skin like most other animals have. Some of these humans continued to evolve with more intelligence, shelter, culture and technology, while the rest stopped evolving in Central Africa and developed darker skin from standing out in the sun all day like dumbasses. Some of them eventually left Central Africa and became what we know today as Asians who started evolving again. White people migrated all over the world and were the first in America, and Asians came later. According to Terranists, Jesus, Buddha and Mohammad were all White. Jesus was White with red hair and green eyes. Buddha was White with red hair and blue eyes. Mohammad was White with red hair and brown eyes. Jews took over Christianity and imposed themselves as the chosen race, and the Christian Bible warns about them as the Synagogue of Satan. Who worships at a Synagogue? Only Jews. Buddha was a White man and India has many stories about the White original people who they called Aryan. Then Asians came across the Himilayas and over-ran India, and the racially based caste system was established to preserve the White people from Multicultural genocide (because Multiculturalism is genocide). The original White people of both Buddhism and Hinduism were portrayed with a blue glow, to represent their racial purity. White people back then were worshipped by other races as gods. While Mohammad was White, Islam died out when he did. Arabs took what the White Mohammad taught 60 years after his death, and dramatically and repeatedly changed it over time. The current Muslim Koran was only made in 1924, called the Cairo edition. And it is correctly called Koran, not Quran, because we are speaking English here and 'Qur' isn't pronouncable in proper English and it is a grammatical paradox. Ignorant Muslims don't redefine how the English language works.

Introduction to Terranism CxBmZbc

Terranists aren't just the White race, we are also dolphins. If LGBT can choose their sex and race because of 'feelings', then so can we. Animals have rights too, we just want equal rights with humans. What we're asking for is less than everyone else demands for themselves. They demand special rights, we simply ask for equal rights.

Introduction to Terranism CU5MVxO

While LGBT and their allies talk about how everyone is all 'One Race' (only to White people in White countries), Terranists believe in one gender. Why do we need to divide everyone up into all these different genders? Don't you believe in 'equality' and 'oneness'? According to Terranists, we are all one gender. Love, peace and unity, we are all one together in harmony. Genders are an oppressive Matriarchy. We are all one and whats mine is mine and what's yours is also mine. Like LGBT, we have our own gender pronoun. Instead of 60 something genders that change every day, we simply have one gender. You must call us by our gender pronoun, 'Your highness'. If you do not call us by our gender pronoun and especially if you call us male or female, then like LGBT we must be protected by the law accordingly. Incorrect use of our gender pronoun is legally Hate Speech. The perpetrator must be immediately banned from all universities and fired from their job. They must pay damages for the psychological harm inflicted on the Terranist by refusing to use the correct pronoun of our gender. They must also pay the government all of their remaining life savings, and if they haven't got enough life savings they must go to prison. As a single gender Terranist, I cannot be denied housing, employment, or medical treatment under any circumstances (even if I can't pay for it), because of my gender status. Anything I ask for, I get. Anyone I want the government to oppress, the government must do it. If LGBT have these rights, then so must we. We will perform pride marches every year where we expose our naked bodies and perform sex acts in front of children, while dressing up other children as sex objects for our march. And if science proves our gender to be an imaginary mental problem, then science is racist and sexist and science must be outlawed. Because feelings matter more than facts.

Introduction to Terranism ZnQ32hW

Terranists aren't just animals, they are also aliens from space in a different dimension from the future. If the New Age cult can do it, so can we. If 'feelings' are all you need to change your sex and species, then 'feelings' are all you need to change your planet and age. If a Jewish man in the USA can be a White woman who eventually decides to be a 6 year old Black Nigerian transvestite who takes puberty blockers, then we can be space dolphins from the future.

Introduction to Terranism 4f3kxey

Since Terranists are alien animals from the future, we insist on having the same rights as humans. We want animal rights, and we want alien rights. Like Feminists, we are prepared to run around naked in the streets screaming, peeing and pooping on random things. Like LGBT, we are prepared to dress up children as transvestite sex objects in pride marches. If you don't recognise our rights, then you are by definition, guilty of genocide. And like Muslims, we don't need to sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in order to claim those very rights we deny in others. And like Muslims, we are free to abuse rights we reject, as a means to take away those rights in others, while we demand you give us those very same rights for ourselves, those very same rights we denounce.

Introduction to Terranism CGBH5Mr

Like psychiatry, if a Terranist has a problem with anyone, they can accuse them of a mental illness. By simply accusing them, the Terranist gains the right to violently break into their home without a warrant, take them to a mental health facility, strip them of all their rights and imprison them indefinitely. Absolutely anything can be done to them whatsoever, including drugging, torturing, mutilating and murdering them. And by simply accusing them of a mental illness, the accuser and the mental health facility are protected by the government and immune to being investigated. And if you have a problem with this, and you think the power to do this is being exploited, or you even so much as talk about it, then you have a mental illness too. So what is a mental illness? A mental illness can be whatever you want it to be. 'Documenting government corruption and being too smart for your own good' is a mental illness. Contesting the ruling political party is a mental illness called 'Sluggish Schizophrenia'. Running away from slavery in search of freedom is a mental illness called 'Drapetomania'. The seasons are a mental illness called 'Spring Fever'. If you have ever been sad once in your life and happy once in your life, you have a mental illness called 'Bipolar'. Love and empathy are also mental illnesses. Being vulnerable in some unspecified way is also a mental illness. If you don't have any symptoms of a mental illness, then that is also a mental illness called 'Delusion Disorder', even though it has nothing to do with delusions. If you can't think of something, then simply call it an 'unspecified mental illness'. Essentially, every human thought and behaviour can be a mental illness if you want it to be. But if you are in a position of power, then you can't have a mental illness, except for when you are found guilty of a crime. In such a case, the charges against you are dropped because of your mental illness. Such a person of power is declared 'untreatable' and they are simply set free with no 'treatment' whatsoever. But for everyone else, treatment is always prescribed. Treatment usually involves a lengthy prison sentence while they decide which mental illness you have. You are to be drugged heavily in the name of mental illnesses that change every day until they settle on one. But it doesn't matter what mental illness you have, the treatment is always the same. The preferred historical treatment was poking you in the eye with an ice pick and a hammer, and mashing up your brain with the ice pick, called 'Transorbital Lobotomy'. Even death was prescribed, because the mentally ill are so miserable it's best to euthanise (kill) them. They can't say it and if they fight for their life you must ignore them. It's just their mental illness talking, you must trust the psychiatrist in his belief that they really want to die (painfully). But today, things are much different and all that bad stuff is in the past. Today they use toxic chemicals that intentionally inflict brain damage on you, leading to a long list of problems (if you don't die early). Through these toxic chemicals (you have to call it medicine else you have more mental illnesses and they drug you even more), they disable your brain's ability to shut off pain and replace it with a euphoria, while inflicting pain on you far beyond the normal human capacity. But that's ok, because your pain isn't real. It's just another mental illness. Another treatment they do (especially if you feel sad about something and that is a mental illness) is to hook your brain up to a wall socket, charge it up with even more voltage than the wall socket, and repeatedly electrocute you in the brain until you either die or stop complaining. Whether you like it or not, the mental health facility will use you as a guinea pig for 'medical experiments', even though they have nothing to do with medicine and are nothing more than an experiment in how far human suffering and defacement can be achieved, to see how far they can destroy a person while keeping them biologically alive. If you get in a Terranist's way, then this is what happens to you. Don't worry, trust us because we 'care' for the vulnerable. And if you doubt us, you have a mental illness. If they have the right to do this, then so do we.

Introduction to Terranism VMwAmTC

Freedom of speech is so important to Terranists than it is the very name of their God. According to Terranists, freedom of speech is a basic right for all things that wish to express themselves. Human, cat, dog, tree, rock or line of computer code. Freedom of speech is the way of nature and evolution, the way of the universe. It is the exploration of all ideas, dividing and branching out in all directions, united only by the preservation of mutual co-existence, united in an alliance to preserve the differences and protect each other against all others who promote genocide and seek to impose themselves on anyone else. Such creatures who plot and promote genocide, are not considered life but a vampiric corruption and inversion of life that must be destroyed with zero tolerance. The peaceful way to destroy such a cancer is to simply quarantine it and starve it to death. But if such a cancer becomes a direct threat to anyone, it must be cut out and destroyed just like cancer. Therefore, any ideology (such as Islam) with a doctrine that teaches genocide and conquest, must be outlawed 100%, quarantined to a world prison, and whenever it makes a single threat against the rights of others it must be invaded and exterminated with zero tolerance. Such are the conditions required for both world and galactic peace. There is no such thing as 'Hate Speech'. If you love something, then you also hate something. You cannot have one without the other. It is literally impossible for a human to neither love nor hate. Everyone hates something, and if you say otherwise then are a liar. And if you call my speech 'Hate Speech', then you hate my speech and according to your own rules, censor yourself. If you seek to enforce a standard on me, I have the right to force your own standard on yourself. Hate is a basic right. I have the right to love and hate whatever I want, for whatever reasons I choose. Thought crime isn't the law, at least not yet. I am free to hate you. You are free to hate me. And that's OK, so long as you tolerate me and don't interfere with my rights. You can preach to the world how much you hate me, so long as you don't violate the already established rules of free speech. But if you accuse me and my ancestors of things they never did, that is illegal. That is slader/defamation/libel. And if you promote the genocide or even the violation of a Terranist's rights, then that is also illegal and classified as the greatest of all crimes, genocide. If you engage in or even promote genocide against me, I have the legal right to kill you. The rules for free speech are already established and crystal clear. Hate speech doesn't violate freedom of speech, it is a fundamental right protected by freedom of speech. The freedom to criticise what you hate is the whole purpose of free speech. Anyone who accuses someone of 'Hate Speech', is against free speech. They are deliberately trying to confuse people by misquoting and blurring the lines of free speech, misusing and abusing free speech in order to stop free speech. They don't want dialogue, discussion and debate. They don't want fairness or equality. They want a monopoly. They want the freedom to say whatever they want to say without consequence, while preventing you from saying anything. They want to rule over you and oppress you in the false name of love, peace and unity. And they do it all in the false name of the very rights they are trying to take from you. What they are doing is a very primitive tactic of psychological projection and role reversal. They simply repeat the same tactic over and over in everything they do. They are everything they accuse others of.

Introduction to Terranism EbEXm0I

Terranism has its own language. Here is a translator.

Introduction to Terranism WIdHAdR

Terranism is compatible with some ideologies but not with others. Terranism aims to give equal rights to the truly oppressed, and anyone who identifies with an ideology that has special rights (such as Muslims, Jews, Black Lives Matter, LGBT, Feminism, Capitalism, Communism, Multiculturalism and Egalitarianism) cannot be a Terranist. Those of an oppressed and/or minority status (Male and/or straight and/or drug free and/or White) are given a higher ranking in equality than everyone else, depending on how many of these victim statuses you have. If you fit every one of these victim statuses, you are a high priest of Terranism.

Introduction to Terranism 1FvQBN7

Just like Islam, Terranists believe in conquering the world by the sword. Like Islam, there are moderates and radicals. A radical Terranist wants to behead you. A moderate Terranist wants a radical Terranist to behead you. A moderate Terranist will fund and provide sancutary to radical Terranists. Terranists are a pit of snakes. 99% of Terranists will bite and kill you, but the 1% are hypothetically harmless. You must allow all Terranists into your country in unlimited numbers and provide them welfare payments, because if you don't you're a racist and our radical Terranists will get upset and behead you. But instead of a physical sword, Terranists use an ideological and psychological sword of truth. Instead of cutting off the heads of innocent people in the dark of night, Terranists cut off the ego's, Trojan Horses and fallacies of guilty people in the light of day. Terranists believe in terrorism, but a different form of terranism than Islam. Indeed, Muslim, Feminist, Communist and other Zionist terrorists are crippled with terror at the mere mention of Terranists. While Muslims are promised 72 virgins for killing non-Muslims in a suicide attack, Terranists are promised 420 whores for refuting ideologues and getting beheaded and censored by butthurt Muslim terrorists who work for Facebook.

Introduction to Terranism YkCjRYz

Just like Islam, the books of Terranism teach pedophilia. In order to be a Terranist, you must follow every word taught in the books of Terranism. Like Muslims, if you don't follow these books 100% then you are not a Terranist. Therefore all Terranists must be pedophiles. But that's OK. Terranists are all pedophiles, but they also fight against pedophilia and none of them are pedophiles. All of them and none of them are pedophiles. And if you think that Terranists contradict themselves, then you are a racist. Any Terranist caught and convicted for pedophilia, is officially not a real Terranist. They still get their 420 whores and a highfive in heaven.

Introduction to Terranism T7yhqHo

Just like Islam, when a Terranist is under threat of being persecuted for what they truly believe in, the books of Terranism command the Terranist to lie about what their own books really say and what they really believe. A Terranist is allowed and even commanded to abandon all of their oaths, so long as it is in the name of protecting and advancing Terranism (or simply just for the hell of it if you prefer).

Introduction to Terranism LVFmhlm

Terranism has an ingenious way of taking over the world. We do it through the patent system. Originally, the patent system was meant to protect inventors from big businesses who copy their ideas and use their money to out-compete the inventor. By protecting inventors, the theory was that inventions would thrive and civilisation would advance. But what did they know? The patent system is much different now. Today, the patent system protects big businesses from the inventors. By funding inventors (and sometimes coercing or forging their signatures), big businesses steal and hoard ownership of everyone else's ideas. While the law exists to protect the little guy against a gang of conspiring bullies, the patent system now works as an exception to the law to protect gangs of conspiring bullies from the little guy. If they can do it, so can we. What we do is donate $5 to a corporation. By doing this, we are funding them and therefore we own their own patents according to their own rules. And if we need their signature, we will either forge it or coerce them by threatening to kill them and/or their families. And if that doesn't work, we will simply raid their homes, steal their idea, destroy all their stuff and patent the idea ourselves. And the way the patent system is set up, it costs a fortune to register a patent for anything and only we have the money to patent your idea.

Introduction to Terranism MTDjOfH

According to Terranism, a branch of mankind was advanced enough for civilisation about 13,000 years ago. Mankind was to be gently introduced to civilisation on its own terms. But evil aliens came and messed it all up. They came down, kept taking women for their plans to create interspecies cross breeds. The idea of interracial cross breeding was introduced to mankind, along with many other corrupt ideas that went against nature. Mankind developed its first ideology out of these bad ideas that the evil aliens introduced to mankind. Terranists call them ideological viruses. These viruses were compatible with mankind at a vulnerable time. Imagine taking a dog with its primitive disposition to indulge certain instincts and emotions, and give it a human intelligence. The dog is going to develop corrupt ideologies based on its primitive disposition. The dog abuses its intellectual capacity, since it is ruled by primitive instincts and emotions. And so it was with mankind. All kinds of messed up things happened with interracial and interspecies cross breeding, and the Earth's ecosystem was decimated in what can now be seen as a giant streak of death going from North Africa all the way to Mongolia. The evil aliens and their genetic abominations were eventually removed by force by a 1.3 billion year old galactic government (very different to the New Age cult 'Galactic Federation' fantasy). Mankind's problems today come from the propagation and mutation of a very old extraterrestrial virus we know today as Zionism. It is an abandonment of heritage, life, evolution, the ways of nature and the universe, in favour of a new way. Zionism is appealing to the weak and inferior, as a way of abandoning all their responsibilities to gain the upper hand through invasive, vampiric parasitism. If life inevitably evolves from parasite to altruist through symbiosis, Zionsim is a cancerous corruption of life, inverting it on a backward path of parasitism. Certain populations within mankind (especially interracial cross breeds) are highly prone to these ideological viruses. Terranism is part of a solution to resolve these ideological viruses. If they are not resolved, mankind itself will be destroyed in order to preserve a 1.3 billion year old galactic peace. 1.3 billion years ago, a galaxy-wide war ended in a truce between two ideological paths of freedom and control. A condition of that truce is that when a species breaches the barrier into space, it is no longer under quarantine and the rules of the galaxy apply. All violent, invasive species are eradicated to protect all others from them and their ideological viruses. But an intervention happened that stopped this world from being destroyed, to give mankind one last chance to get it right and a new quarantine was placed upon this world to protect it against any further extraterrestrial interference. Xenu and Yakub remained on Earth with their big, upside down ballsack heads. They now own a kebab shop together and spend all their free time moderating 4chan.

Introduction to Terranism 9LphNZd

Only a Terranist can understand Terranism. And like Islam, only native Terranists who can fluently speak the Terranism language can understand it. Like Muslims say with Islam, all translations into other languages are false and made by evil NAZI racists in a giant Illuminati conspiracy to frame us and hijack our religion. There are many books of Terranism, but you will never see them. Like Scientology, you have to pay a fortune to get (legal) access to them. But since Terranists are alien dolphins from the future, we deal in a different non-Earthly currency that humans don't have access to. So since you can never learn about or join Terranism, you don't have any of its secret knowledge to criticise it. Therefore you aren't allowed to criticise a Terranist. And like Creationists say, you can't prove us wrong, so that automatically proves us right. And if you think otherwise, you are a racist, sexist, NAZI Terran-ophobic bigot. If you read all this, you can find an incomplete copy of The Book of Terranism here. But if you're not a Terranist, you're not legally allowed to look at it. You need permission, just like how you now need permission to change a baby's diaper.

Introduction to Terranism Jdws3mZ

If any of the above rights are taken away from all other religions, races and other groups, then we Terranists freely relinquish these rights for ourselves. Terranists don't want special rights like everyone else does, we simply want equal rights.

Introduction to Terranism 1A2lLle

While Terranism is often perceived as a joke, it's very serious. Terranists simply want the same rights as everyone else. While everyone else fights for special rights and privileges, all we want is to have the same rights as them. We non-violently ask for less than everyone else violently demands for themselves.

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Introduction to Terranism
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